Sometimes we feel like our life is running in cruise mode and we are riding on the back seat of the car.

Either if we are successful executives, industry professionals, students, or simply human beings. It is normal that at least once in your life you feel like a leaf in the wind: without direction, destiny, or even control over these. 

Sometimes we are full of ideas and wishes to the point where we can visualize where we want to get, but you just can´t start. Or if you do start you can hardly maintain the grit needed to complete these personal projects.

On the other hand, there are companies that invest a huge amount of money in Leader Development just to find out that the results are not what they were expecting since applying the knowledge gathered in training, team building and books is not always easy to adapt to real life experiences.

Many  people can´t get out of these situations or similar ones until they have found that the opportunity they were looking for and their strengths to follow their dreams have passed by. There are some people that live their entire life complaining about what they had to live.

It doesn’t have to be that way

Human beings have different kind of intelligence and skills that allow us to meet anything that we aim to.

There are many ways to do this but, one of the most effective ones is by knowing ourselves and let two strong forces that are normally contrary live in harmony:

Make life happen | Let life happen


Besides enabling us to meet our objectives will also provide us fulfillment to enjoy each moment of our lives.


Self-knowledge and acceptance

Identifying what drives you is not an easy task. There are times in our self discovery that we are not pleased with our findings. When we are stuck in this acceptance, it is a good time to call a coach.

The International Coach Federation or ICF, defines COACHING as an association, where participants enter in a process that maximizes potential, which is very important in the current society where uncertainty and complexity are constant. In other words, it is a partnership in the adventure of finding one self.

As a coach I use the Co-Active Coaching Methodology. This methodology honors the “Be” and  “Do” that we mentioned earlier. It helps you find who you really are and what you really want. It is a creative and reflexive process that enables your full potential personally and professionally.

Although this pathway can be tough some times, it is very gratifying. If you would like to try contact me for a free session.

Ready to live a change in the plot of your personal story?